Manufacturing a range of innovative nutritional products
for the development of healthier ruminant livestock.

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A complete range
Because every herd is different.

Complete product range

Our product range covers all stages of the production cycle for dairy cattle and many stages for beef and sheep. Our goal is to have a feed solution that meets the needs of every farm.

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Lifecycle nutrition
Give your calves the best start.

Life-cycle nutrition

It's not just giving your calves a good start, it’s making sure that start continues throughout the lifecycle to ensure efficient profitable growth and productivity. We help you care for your stock when they are most vulnerable, as calves and around calving.

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Total support
Kickstart the lifecycle.

Total support

Our innovations developed through years of dedicated research in the transition area are internationally renowned. We KICKSTART the productive cycle of the lactating cow with integrated support strategies that are packaged in simple, easy-to-use formats.

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Heifers and calves
Need high-quality protein.

Heifers & Calves

These products are highly effective and developed from extensive research. Calves and heifers need special proteins to allow them to grow and to be productive. We provide those through Fermenten, an exceptionally powerful protein source.

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