Dairy Cows

Cows-R-Us was established in 1997 based on research findings and provides the most innovative nutritional solutions for cattle and sheep in Australia.

Our transition strategies in particular are renowned worldwide.

Our wide range was developed from extensive research; collaborating with some of the best companies in the world. We have a long history of research and innovation in the field, with more than 100 published

studies in journals of international repute and our transition strategies in particular are renowned worldwide.

The company has been delivering feed to clients right across Australia for the past 15 years and our reputation for success and cost efficacy is second to none.

Our products are supported by a team of consultants who are based right across Australia. Our team are highly-trained and highly-credentialed. They have both theoretical and extensive practical experience in the application of nutritional strategies and are all well-versed in increasing farm profitability through effective nutrition.